Adjusting prices using your entry form

SEP 2011

Whether the form your entrants fill in is for an event, or for membership of a group, you can adjust the price (up or down) depending on how the entrant fills in their form.

This is more flexible than creating a separate entrylist for each price you want to charge, since you can add as many price adjustments to a form as you need.

You might find this feature useful if, for example, you want to:
  • Offer a discount to Junior category entrants
  • Charge more to non-affiliated entrants
  • Charge extra if an entrant wants a T-shirt
You add price adjustments using the entry form editor. You can add adjustments to Checkbox questions, multiple-choice questions and drop-down questions. Here we choose a multiple choice question, and click the 'edit' link:
On the 'edit question' screen, we add a '-0.5' to the second option, meaning 'decrease the price by 50p if this option is selected' and '+1.5' to the third: 'increase the price by £1.50':

Now click 'save changes' you should see a preview of your entry form, with price adjustments included, this is what users will see:
We automatically increase the total price for the entrant by £1.50 if they choose mash, and reduce it by 50p if they would rather provide their own food...

You can add as many adjustments as you like, you can even add options to reduce the price to zero if you want, making entry free - though not below zero!