Upload results, automatically display laptimes and calculate GC

JUN 2013

We've improved our results module so not only can you upload AMB results (and other transponder systems - contact us to add support for yours), but we provide an easy way to edit them online, remove any anomalies (e.g. people crossing the finish line again after finishing) and calculate overall placings for stage races, or multi-events.

First upload results:

You can paste in some text, or upload a transponder file:

If you upload a transponder file, the results editor looks like this (competitors can also see this - though without the editing capabilities - so they can view their total time and lap times):

Upload more than one results file for an event and we'll generate an 'Overall', in addition to each set of results:
We automatically link the results to each entrants RiderHQ profile (if they entered via RiderHQ), as well.