Membership reports with graphs!

JUN 2013

We've added graphs to our group membership reports, designed to make it easy to answer questions like:
  • What proportion of members are which ages?
  • What's the balance of men/women in the club (now, in the last 3 months, 6 months etc.)? 
  • How many members are BC / CTT / CTC members?
  • How many members were joined by someone else?
You can save reports so that they can be accessed in a couple of clicks, so you can print out a 'dashboard' report with answers to these sort of questions and take it along to the committee for discussion. 

Here's how to set up a dashboard report:

On your group page, click 'Create report' - don't worry about selecting a membership type - you can run these reports across all group memberships that share the same form..

Now select some columns - you can include all the 'standard' things that we know about members, plus any of the questions you've added to your membership form. As long as members have filled in those questions they'll show up on the report and graphs:

Now fetch the data and tick the columns you want to graph:

Voilà! You have a one page printout showing your membership summary (hover over the graphs to see percentages and detail breakdowns).

On the report page, you can click 'Save' and the rep ort will be added to your group page, everything is saved just as you left it so in a month's time (or whenever) just select the report, click 'Graph' and print it out: