Cross-event reports and graphs

JUL 2014

You can now generate reports across all your events, view graphs to digest the data and save the reports / graphs for an easy snapshot or 'dashboard' view that you can recall in a couple of clicks - here's how it works

First, go to any of your event pages and, under reports, click on 'Create report':
Under 'include entrants from', select the events you want to include:
(choose 'Select all' for everyone, or if you want everyone from a particular year or month, select all events and add a date filter, below):
Now tick the information you want to include in the report, you can include our 'standard' columns that apply to all entrants and/or answers to any of the custom questions on your entry form:
Fetch the data - at the top of each column you'll see check boxes:
Tick some of these and click 'Graph ticked columns' and you should see something like this:

You can save the report:

And it will show up on all your event pages, accessible via a one click:

Finally, you can set up 'live' filters on any of the date columns, so you can run the report regularly and compare to previous periods: