Collect mailing list subscriptions

JUL 2013

Want a quick way to collect subscriptions for your mailing list? All mailing lists now have a one-click link you can add to your site that will show a form to your visitors so they can subscribe.

We include a 'captcha' to reduce 'spambot' signups, you can view the live list as it grows and add them to any email with one click:

On your Emails page, click on the 'Mailing lists' link

Next to any of your mailing lists, click the 'View' link 
Now add this link to your website with a heading like 'Subscribe to our mailing list here':

The page your visitors will see looks something like this  - note the 'captcha' / security test to prevent spam, they only need fill this in if they aren't currently logged in as a user:

Each time someone clicks 'Subscribe', they'll be added to your mailing list, just as if you had uploaded them yourself, and you can include them on any mails in the usual ways