Groups: Managing an affiliate group

JAN 2012

Some leagues (such as Surrey League and SERRL) offer discounts on membership or event entries if your club is affilliated to them.

Members of your club who enter league events on RiderHQ can claim the discounted entry fee, subject to you confirming that they are, in fact, members of your club.

This works as follows:

First, the league administrator affiliates your club and sends you an invite to manage it - you will receive an email like this:

Once you accept ownership of the group via the link, you can add members directly to the group, or you can decide who is a member and who is not after they enter an event.

Members don't have to wait until they are added to your group before entering events, if they specify that they are a member of an affiliated group their 'checkout' page will look something like this (note the 'pending discount'):
Once they've paid the entry free, you will receive a notification email, and when you get around to visiting the linked page you will see something like this:

All you need to do at this point is indicate whether the person is a member of your club or not. If you select 'approve' they will receive an immediate payment to their card of the affiliation discount. If you reject, we will pass on the full amount to the league. You can email the entrant if you're not sure, or contact us for help at any time.

Once the system knows they are a member they remain so until their membership expires, and can enter any further events without needing approval.

There is lots more you can do with your group, for example: accept subs online, customise your own membership forms, manage your club competitions send out newsletters and print membership cards -  for more info start here