Voucher codes

AUG 2013

We were recently asked by three different event organisers if we could support three related, but slightly different things:

  1. Could we operate a 'refer a friend' scheme where entrants could be 'referred by' someone else, and the referrer would get a discount on a future entry?
  2. Could we arrange discounted/free entries to a list of people who had deferred their entry from a previous year?
  3. Could we run a 'loyalty promotion' so entrants who had entered 1,2,3 events previously would get an appropriate discount in the final event of the season, as a thank you?
Obviously the answer to all three was yes, but we ended up making some changes to the voucher system to make solving these problems a bit more elegant. Here's how we did it:

First, to support the refer a friend scenario, we added a 'referrer' question to the event entry from - how we did this and notified the referrers is a subject for another post, but once we had a list of referrers we needed a way to create a whole block of voucher codes for each of them, that could be managed in one go:

Here we have the vouchers screen, and if we 'view codes' we can add a code for everyone that has referred a friend (NB: these aren't the real codes, they're for illustrative purposes only ;) ):

In this case using the random system-generated codes is fine - we just need to email them out to the lucky recipients (again, we'll cover that in another post); but for scenario 2, where people had deferred their entry previously, the organiser wanted to use specific codes that the recipients had already received. So you can now overwrite the random codes with your own:

Finally, for the loyalty promotion, we set up 3 different vouchers each having codes for the entrants that had entered 1 event, those who had entered 2 events, and those who had entered 3.

Of course we could have accomplished all this by creating hundreds of vouchers separately, however managing such a large number would have been unwieldy, this way it's easy to tell at a glance how many have been used and who by, or to modify the voucher setup in a single place.