Email 'confirmed opens'

JAN 2012

This is a brief note to announce that we now track 'open confirmations' - if you send an email you will see something like this on your 'Emails' control panel:

You can now see how many people have opened your email to read it.

How it works
Note, the number of 'confirmed opens' will often be lower than the number of people that have actually read it. That's because we only know if someone has opened an email if their email programme fetches the RiderHQ logo from our server.

Many email clients don't load external resources automatically, in which case they won't be counted. That's  the nature of email - it's like posting a letter, where you can't be sure if the recipient has read it or not, though you can be reasonably certain that it was delivered to them. To stretch the analogy, what our server does is equivalent to sending a letter with a free (worthless!) gift - if they redeem the gift they probably read the email, if they didn't you don't know whether they read it or not.

Either way, this should give you some idea of a floor on how many people have seen your email.