Update all your entry forms in one go

SEP 2013

Suppose you have lots of events on RiderHQ which all share an entry form, but you realise that you need to update the T&Cs (or add a new question... or delete a question...). 

You update the entry form on one of your events in the usual way, but now you want to 'cascade' that change to all the other events that use the same form. Just click 'Save' as usual:

But RiderHQ will detect that this form is shared and offer to update all the other forms (or not):

The choice is yours - update all or just this form.

Managing forms across events

But what if you have all your events using different forms and want to consolidate them on a single form to take advantage of this feature?

That's why we added the 'all my entry forms' manager:

Click it and you'll see a view of each of your forms together with the events that are using it. A couple of clicks lets you switch events to share a form:

So within a few minutes you can re-arrange your events around a few main forms, then save yourself lots of time by managing them all together