Import entrants

SEP 2013

Sometimes you have entrants that didn't enter via RiderHQ, for instance you might be migrating from a different online entry system, or you might have taken entries manually (or whatever).

In the past you could either add them one at a time, or upload names and emails in one go from a spreadsheet:

That works, however if you've just uploaded names and emails that's all you will see in our reporting module, on our start sheet generators, or if you send out an email that's the only data you'll be able to merge in, for those entrants.

Now you can upload all entrant data that you have available (gender, date of birth, affiliations, registration numbers - whatever info you are collecting on your entry form) - here's how:

Click 'upload entries' as before and you will see a page like this:

As you can see we now offer a column for every item on your entry form - simply make your spreadsheet match this list of columns (leave a column blank if you don't have data for it), select the file and click 'upload':

The orange errors on the left are just to let you know if we will miss or ignore some columns that are 'required' by your entry form (red errors mean we'll skip that row). You can either modify the spreadsheet, or when you're happy click 'import' to add the entrants.

All done. Here they are on your live entry list: