Google Analytics Integration

NOV 2013

Several organisers have asked us to help them track visits from their website to their RiderHQ entry form, checkout and 'payment success' pages. They want this in order to have a full view of their 'funnel'. For example they might have 1,000 visits to their facebook page, 500 of whom click-through to the event website, 100 of whom click an 'enter' link - and they want to know how many of these visitors ended up paying for an entry.

Most of you seem to use Google Analytics for your own website, so we've made it really simple to include your analytics tracking on your RiderHQ pages. Just put your analytics ID in your account settings:

And that's it, your Google Analytics account will now show your entire 'conversion funnel' from your website to the 'thanks for entering' page, so you can start work on optimising the process ;)