Shared reports

NOV 2013

You can now share any RiderHQ report by sending out a link. We'll track any clicks on the link, and allow you to enable or disable it at any time.

You might want to do this if you are running an event on behalf of someone else and want to give them the ability to see who has entered. Alternatively you might want to let a client see just a subset of entrants (for example all the ones who entered on behalf of a particular charity). You can do any of this by sharing a report link.

First, create (or open) a report:

Click 'Share with link' and give the report a name and optionally a description:

Click save and here is the link:

You can email that to whomever you like and they will be able to see the report without needing to log in to the event and without having access to anything else.

Finally, you can see all your shared report links in one place from your account page: