QR Codes

APR 2014

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere these days, so it makes sense to use them on the day of your event to make 'check-in' quicker and more accurate. To this end we've added QR code ( Quick Response code - basically an improved barcode) support to RiderHQ.

Here's how it works:

We print a QR code on entrants' confirmation pages and their confirmation emails
They bring it with them to the event, you scan it with any QR code reader app
We display their entry details and give you a button to 'check in' which marks them as 'checked-in' (you can query or view this at any time)

Of course, it's worth printing out your start sheets as a backup in case you have technology issues of one sort or another (no reception, entrants forget their QR code etc.)

Entrants see this after entering and on their confirmation email (you can add a note to this page or their email asking them to bring it with them on the day, if you plan to scan QR codes):

On arrival you scan their QR code with the app of your choice
You can use most camera-equipped phones/tablets, but probably you want an app that can store the 'history' of scanned codes, in case you don't have instant connectivity and also one that makes it easy to launch the associated web link so you can click the 'check in' button in the next step. We include the entrant's email and name in the QR code info so you will have that even if you don't have an internet connection.
Here's what your QR code reader should show you:

Click 'check in' and we'll mark the entrant as having been checked in. Later you can look all the checked in entrants up:

You can filter on only entrants that have checked in, save for quick access, make this report available to others with a link, download this data, graph it etc. 

We will probably add barcode support as well soon, and let us know if you have any ideas/suggestions on how we can enhance this to help you.