Report subscriptions

JUL 2014

You can now 'subscribe' to any report. This can be useful for all sorts of things, for example:

  • Monitor entrants who request a charity pack or make a donation (you can even send a link that allows charity partners to get these notifications instead of you)
  • Send your timing company a 'shared link' and they can get notifications when entrant data change
  • Get notifications if people edit their details (or some subset of people do so, for example 'under 18s' or 'people who have requested camping'
  • Receive notification if anyone requests a T shirt (or get notifications sent to your T shirt provider)
You can set up any report you like and then subscribe to it, so there are lots of uses for this!

Here's how:

First, go to an event and create a report (or load an existing one). If you create a new report, you will need to save it, and then you will see a 'subscribe to this report' link:


That's it! Once you have subscribed to the report you will receive an email whenever the data in the report change (don't worry you'll receive at most one email per day - we send the emails overnight, so if the data change more than once in a day you'll still only get one email)

Finally, you can ' share reports' with other people (your timing company, charity partners etc.) and when they visit the report page they will also see a 'subscribe' link so they can get notified when the data change as well.