Reminder marketing with MailChimp

JAN 2015

Let's say you run an annual event (or a series). You may want to send a reminder email to everyone who entered last year with details about this year's event.
However, you probably don't want to email people who have already entered this year's event, as it's hardly relevant to them!

Here's how to export your entrants to MailChimp and send such an email:

First, export last year's entrants to MailChimp - RiderHQ will automatically 'segment' them in MailChimp with a unique tag for that event (you can re-export multiple times, we'll only export the ones who aren't in MailChimp already).

Next, export this year's entrants by going to this year's event dashboard and repeating the step above.

Now, in MailChimp, create your 'campaign'email, choose the list to which you exported and choose the recipients like this:

That's it! You can do lots of other email targeting with segments as well - we'll post more demonstrations in the future