New reports

MAR 2015

We've re-designed our event and group reporting system to make it simpler to use and a lot more powerful. We've added extra 'metrics' that you can report on, added 'smart combining' of questions from disparate events and made it a lot faster. Here's a quick roundup of the changes:


Choose columns
You can now include any combination of entrant data, and we've added new 'metrics' such as 'outstanding balance' and 'Team captain'. You can, of course, also include any of the custom questions from your entry form.

As before you can filter on any data in the report (for example everyone that wanted a charity pack from a specific charity / anyone that has an outstanding balance). We've made setting up filters easier, though:

Multiple events
Now you can include entrants from up to 100 events on a single report. We'll automatically detect questions shared between events and where possible combine answers in a single column:


Finally, we've made reports run a lot faster, and there are no restrictions on how much data you can download. We've also retained all the usual export and data manipulation options you're used to:


Let us know if there's anything missing from reports that you'd like to see!