Coding API challenge

APR 2015

We're working on our RiderHQ API so event organisers can access their data programmatically and have complete control over layout and entry flow while still getting all the RiderHQ features, reliability, security etc.

As an introduction to this new technology we'd like to invite you to experiment by designing your own event page using our API data.

Here's our test event ('default' RiderHQ page): http://www.riderhq.com/events/68521/gran-prix-de-ealing

And here's an API call to access the data in JSON format: https://www.riderhq.com/api/v1/3489/getevent?eventid=2ei1p7

Here's the challenge: can you use HTML, JavaScript and CSS to create an alternative layout for this event, using the above JSON data? Fetch the data with JavaScript and display whichever bits you feel are interesting (no need to use every field!)

Send your page in to challenge@riderhq.com, or even submit it along with a hiring enquiry. Points for appearance, ease of use, compatibility, elegance and creativity  (or for whatever you think praiseworthy - let us know!).

You can host your efforts on your own webpage or github (or equivalent), and send us a link, or just email over the JS and HTML files.

In the spirit of participation, here's an example: http://htmlpreview.github.io/?https://github.com/riderhq/challenge/blob/master/challenge.html

(github reposory if you want to fork the repository and work from that: https://github.com/riderhq/challenge)

Good luck!