Sending emails from a mailing list

JAN 2019

Here's how to upload addresses for a mailing list and send out and email to them:

First, go to the account emails page:

Next, click on 'Mailing lists' and create a new mailing list:

Once you have a mailing list, it's time to upload some recipients' email addresses and names (please ensure you have permission to email these people before adding them to a mailing list):

Upload recipients from a spreadsheet, following the instructions on the screen shown when you click 'Upload recipients' - the first column should have email addresses and optionally the second column can contain full names (e.g. 'John Smith')

Once the addresses are uploaded, you can create a new mail, or locate an existing email on the account emails page (above) and go to the 'add recipients' page:

Select your new mailing list (and any other recipients you want to include) and click 'add', then send the email.