Bib numbering

MAY 2016

We've added some extra support for assigning numbers to entrants.

I've called this 'bib numbering' as this term is common in the running world, but the features should work equally well for cycling events, obstacle races etc.

Suppose you want to assign numbers to entrants based on:

  1. Entry type (e.g. Juniors / seniors), 
  2. Club (so all members of the same club are grouped together on the start sheet)
  3. Surname of entrant

You could export all entrants to Excel and sort them manually. However this can be time consuming and potentially error-prone if you end up doing it multiple times (e.g. if more people enter after you have done the initial assignment.

Here's how to do the bib-number assignment within RiderHQ:

First, create a new report (or open a saved one):

Add whatever sorting / filtering you want, (in this case sort by entry type, club, surname), fetch the data and  choose Actions > Re-assign bib numbers (each entrant will already have a 'default' bib number assigned by us on entry, but this will have been assigned in order of entry rather than via the sort above):

Choose a starting number, and we'll give a number to each entrant, in the order they appear in the report


You can now view bib numbers 'bib number' column of your report:

And also include them in emails to entrants via the $TICKETNUMBER$ merge field:

Also see 'upload bib numbers' if you end up assigning them in an external system, but want to keep RiderHQ in sync.