Cross event promotions

JUL 2016

We have a new kind of promotion you can set up for your events: Cross-event promotions

You choose an event on which you want to promote and up to four other events, set an optional discount % and an optional description and we'll do the rest:


We make it as easy and as quick as possible for people to enter multiple events in one go (or multiple entry types in the same event). All they have to do is tick a box on the entry form and pay the extra - no form filling or extra pages to navigate.

We'll copy their answers from the event they are entering over to their entries in the promoted events. Where they don't have an answer (e.g. if there is a question in the promoted event's entry form that isn't in the main event's) we'll leave the question blank - they can edit it later or you can fill it in.

If there are any 'price adjustments', those will be included in the price (before discount).

Let us know what you think!