Pin shop items to events

SEP 2016

One of the plus points of the RiderHQ shop is that you don't need to set it up individually for each event - you create it once and it shows on all your events.

Normally this is fine, for selling things like accessories or water bottles which aren't event-specific, and it means you can amend stock levels and availability in one place, and you only need manage one set of reports.

However, sometimes you have some items that you only want to sell for one particular event (such as an event T shirt). So now you can 'pin' an item to a particular event. The item will only show when people enter the event (on the checkout panel, or on the post-entry form merchandise popup, if you switch that on):


It's easy to set up - just edit the shop item you want to 'pin', click on the 'restirct to event' dropdown and choose an event: