Listing your LVRC event

NOV 2016

A quick guide to listing your LVRC event for online entries on RiderHQ

First, click here: LIST A NEW EVENT

Log in to your RiderHQ account if you already have one, or enter your email and choose a password if you don't.

Next, fill in the start day time and name.

Next, add an 'entry type' for each race you plan to run (on the same day), for example:

You can edit all these details later, and you can set a 'total entries' rider limit instead of a limit per-entry-type later as well, so it's fine to just put rough numbers in at this stage

All the other details are optional, but it's a good idea to put the HQ postcode in 'Postal/Zip code' so we can show entrants where to go on the map

Once that's done you should be in your Event Dashboard:

Click Event Settings > Main settings in the top left to fine-tune your event settings

Go to Entries and you should see all your entry types

You can set a number here for 'max overall entries' if you don't mind too much which categories enter but just want to restrict the total field.

That's enough for now: email us if you have any questions or need any help, and good luck!