Manually adding a group member to an event with a manual and scheduled payment

DEC 2016

To add a member (by manually keying in their details) from a paper form

 First, go to the event dashboard and click 'add entry'


Next, either find the member by searching for a few letters in their name or email, or if they aren't in the database, cilck 'create new member' and enter their details there before continuing




Once added, if they have paid for all or part of their entry up front, you can  'record a payment':

Put in the amount they have paid and how much, and click 'save' - you can now schedule a future payment if haven't paid the full entry fee, or if you have instalments set up fo the event, automatically generate scheduled paymetns from the 'payments screen'

Enter the outstanding balance if different from the default amount and click re-calculate: we will schedule future payments to be collected from the entrant

That's it! You have:

  1. Added a new entrant
  2. Created a new group member and linked it to the new entry
  3. Recorded a manually received payment
  4. Scheduled an outstanding balance for the entry