Members can change their membership type

JAN 2017

If you run a RiderHQ group (for example a club or league, or a coaching sessions membership), you can now let members change their membership type themselves (and pay the difference if they switch to a more expensive membership type)

Administrators have always been able to move members between different membership types, but now you can allow members to do it for themselves, which has some advantages:

  1. Less work
  2. Members can pay the difference if the new membership type is more expensive than the old one
  3. You can email out a general link for members to 'upgrade' their membership (for example in the case of coaching session groups)

Here's how to set it up:

First, allow members to switch membership, by going to the group memebrship settings and ticking the box:

Members now have an additional option on their 'view membership' page:

If they click, they can select a membership to upgrade to. If there's no cost difference between their existing membership and the new one they can just switch membership type there and then. If there is a cost difference, they must pay the difference before the switch takes place.

Members can only switch to membership types that don't require request/approval by a group admin (i.e. membership types that are 'open to anyone' in the membership type settings)


If you have multiple membership types (for example a 'silver' membership and a 'gold' membership) you might want to run a campaign to get people to upgrade from one to the other.

Rather than explaining to your members how to log in, go to their settings, click 'change membership type' etc., it's simpler just to send them a single link that takes them along this path.

There is such a link under the 'Web pages' section of the group dashboard:

Copy that link and you can send it out in your campaigns - members will be asked to log in and then taken to the 'change your membership type screen' where they can upgrade and pay the difference.

That's all for now - let us know if there's anything else you'd like to use this feature for!