Kids' races

JAN 2017

Kids' races as part of  larger event are very popular these days, so here are some quick notes on the best way to set up RiderHQ if you have a kids' entry type

'Enter someone else' by default

First, since most of the entrants will probably be entered by their parents, make sure 'enter someone else' is both allowed in the settings, and the 'default option' (you probably don't want an email address for the children - we automatically collect the parent's email, and there's no harm in pre-filling the questions since if a parent is entering multiple children some of the details - such as address - will be the same for both of them)

There's no need to add 'child name' boxes to your entry form, since we will automatically collect the entrant's name, in addition to the account holder's name, when they are entering someone else.

However you might want to add a 'parent / guardian name' box to the entry form: simply edit the entry form and add a question, but make it specific to the Kids' entry type:

Let us know if there's anything else you'd like us to add to support kids' races