More date validation options

FEB 2017

Validating dates can be a bit complicated. If you want to check dates of birth, the setup is quite different than if you're collecting racing license expiry dates.

Previously we had a very flexible system which could cater for both situations but could be fiddly to set up - so we've added a couple of new options to make things easier.

For example, try adding a 'date' question to your entry form (or membership form, or shop purchase form):

Scroll down and you can see the validation options, you can choose no validation (just leave everything blank), Date of birth validation (it's so common we've built it in directly), manual date validation and 'advanced' validation (the previous system).

Here's date of birth validation:

Should be self explanatory!

Here's 'manual' validation. This is easy to set up but because you input the dates directly, but if anything changes (for example if you alter your start date, or if you clone this event to create a new event with a different start date) then you might need to go in and adjust these dates.

Finally here's the original setup:

It's powerful, but can take a bit of thinking.

That said, if you're not in the mood, we're always around to help!