UKA Validation

MAR 2017

We've added UKA Validation to RiderHQ. Now, if you have a running event which is UKA licensed, we can check entrant's license numbers with the UKA as people enter. We'll make sure their license is valid and that their age and club are correct.

It's simple to set up, so here are three examples:

1. List a new UKA running event. We automatically add a UKA license check and entry discount when you list a UKA running event

If you want to add the check to an existing event, just edit your entry form:

2. Either use the 'I am a member of ...' option to add an 'I am a member of UKA (with £2 discount if they are) question:

3. Or, edit an existing 'UKA license number' text question, and set the 'Validation type' to 'UKA license number':

Let us know if you need any more integrations, and hopefully this will make it easier to ensure that you have the correct data for your UKA entrants