Improved 'add payment' screen

MAR 2017

Obviously, at RiderHQ, we like you to collect payment via us, since that way we make money ;)

However, you can also accept payment via cash, cheque or other means, and not only manage those entrants for free in RiderHQ, but you can record how much they paid you and when, so all your revenue reports are complete.

You can also record payment instalments manually, so people can pay via a mixture of online / offline payments and you can keep track of where they are, how much is still to pay and when. 

We've recently improved our 'record manual payment' screens so that they're more efficient, and do some of the calculating for you.

For example, let's say you add a new 'entrant' to your event:


Now you want to record a payment for them (you can just click 'r' on your keyboard if you don't have time for the mouse)


Here's the screen to record the amount (either all or part of the total due)

You can edit the entry cost, if you need, and we'll calculate how much is left 'to pay':


You can set up a report to show any balances outstanding (and also see that info on your start sheet)

Here's the payment details screen (you can see this for each entrant) which you can use to keep track of how much they've paid and how much is left (you can record payments from here and also schedule future payment reminders, which are sent to the entrant)


Hopefully this makes it easier to keep track of your entrants and payments, and helps automate some of the manual work!