Bulk entries discount

FEB 2012

Suppose you want to encourage entrants to enter more than one of your events, or reward them for doing so - you can now set up an automatic 'bulk discount' on RiderHQ.

If an entrant adds more than one of your events to their basket before paying, they will receive a percentage discount on all of them. Entrants to your events will also see a flyer on their basket page advertising other events which would make them eligible for a bulk discount.

How it works

To set up a bulk discount, go to any of your event pages and click the 'Edit bulk discount policy' link:

Here we set up a 10% discount for entrants who enter 2 or more of your events at once, your event page will now look like this:

Entrants will now see this on their checkout page:

Note the flyers for the nearest events of yours which will make them eligible for the discount. Should someone click on one of these events and add it to their basket they will see something like this:

Note the discount has been applied to both the entries. Entrants can add as many more as they like and will get the discount across all of them.