Membership duplicates report

MAR 2017

Some of you running a club or league (RiderHQ 'group') may have noticed a new section on your group activity emails which shows if have detected people with 'duplicate memberships'

You can also view the same report directly, from the group reports menu:

Duplicate memberships are fairly rare, but it can happen that someone joins twice, or is moved across manually. The report is to alert you so you can take action - we've also added a 'merge' facility so you can fix things up. Click 'merge' and you'll see this:

You can choose which membership to keep, and which ones to merge. We'll automatically calculate how much to extend the member's expiry date by to take account of the removed membership. However, you can prevent this if you need to (un-tick 'extend expiry date') or just edit their membership and adjust the expiry date manually after the merge.

We'll merge across any payments, linked enries, results and so on so they aren't lost!