Waiting list extras

MAY 2017

We've added some more features to the very popular waiting list system.

Now you can:

1. Move entrants from an event to the waiting list (keeping all their entry form details)

2. 'Promote' entrants from the waiting list back to the event (restoring their entry form details)

3. Manually send out the invitation emails to people who have signed themselves up to the waiting list (invites are are sent out automatically if the system calculates spaces are available, but it will take account of any manual invites you've sent out in the meantime)



All of these also work for the 'pre registration' lists as well as the waiting lists (a pre-registration list is where an event is set to open automatically on a specific date and people who are interested can sign up to be notified when entries open, with a reserved space - reserved for a certain number of hours).