Bulk move entrants to the waiting list

MAY 2017

You can easily move an entrant from the main event to the waiting list (and back again). This works well if there are only a few, but if you have lots of entrants to move about, you might need a quicker way than doing them one by one.

Now you can:

  1. Download your entrant details to a spreadsheet
  2. Edit the spreadsheet, deleting any rows relating to entrants that you don't want to move
  3. Upload the spreadsheet to RiderHQ - we'll move everyone on the spreadsheet to the waiting list

Here's how it works in pictures:

You can just download our 'default' spreadsheet with email address and unique ID. 

However, we ignore any data in columns other than A and B, so provided you make sure to keep Unique IDs in column A and emails in column B, you can use any custom report and include whatever extra data you need to help you sort through entrants on the spreadsheet.

Edit your spreadsheet (whether a custom one or our default one) and delete any entrants who you don't want to move. Make sure there aren't any gaps in the data (i.e. delete the rows rather than just blanking them out)

Once you're happy, upload the data to the bulk move screen:

Confirm that it looks OK and click 'Move entrants to waiting list' once you're happy:

That's it! Hopefully that will save you some time