Shared questions

JUN 2017

Sometimes it would be nice to 'share' a question type across all your entry forms (for example your terms and conditions text, or a question asking for date of birth), such that when you update the question (for example to amend the text) it updates everywhere.

Now you can. 

Simply tick the new 'shared' box when editing any question:

Then save the question and save the form.

Now, on any other form, you can click 'add shared question'

Choose from any questions that you have marked as 'shared' (as above) and add them to the form.

If you edit a shared question, the edits take affect on all the forms it appears on, not just the one on which you do the edit.

Of course, you don't want to share every question, it wouldn't make sense to share a date-of-birth question with validation-restrictions specific to just the current event.