SMS messages

SEP 2017

RiderHQ now fully supports SMS messaging, in a similar way to our built in bulk emailing - including:

  • Automated SMS notifications (e.g entry confirmations)
  • General SMS sending - send out an SMS to all (or some) of your entrants or members whenever you like
  • Scheduling: schedule an SMS to go out at a particular time
  • Merge fields: Supports all merge fields for which the output is likely to fit in an SMS (Order ID, entry links, 'edit my details' links and so on)
  • Voucher merging: generate a voucher code per recipient and include it in an SMS to them

Broadly speaking the SMS features work in a very similar way to the email sending, viewing and editing screens, so it should be quite famiiliar. There is a quick overview of some screens below.

Costs: we will charge you (the event organiser / group admin) 6p per SMS sent through RiderHQ. This is unavoidable, unfortunately, so bear this in mind when using SMS notifications (there is no charge for emails sent through RiderHQ so in some cases it makes sense to stick with those for less important communications).

Here's how to send an SMS to event entrants:

Write your SMS in the usual way:

Queue it to your entrants

Optionally, you can view the queued messages before sending them:

and Send!

Automated SMS

We've added an 'automated SMS' section to the 'Automated emails' screen:

Hope it's useful!