Marketing analytics and Facebook pixels

OCT 2017

We've added lots of new 'integrations' for tracking advert performance and conversions. So many in fact that we've moved them to a new 'Trackers' page, next to the 'Integrations' page where they used to live (under account setup):

Here's the setup page:

You use this page to add tracking to the purchase confirmation page of your entrants (or new members or customers)

Just tick the box for the type of ads account you are using (you can combine more than one) and put in the ID that they give you.

We'll auto-generate the code to handle the tracking. The tracker is added to all of your events' confirmation pages.


As an example, here's how to set up Facebook 'pixels'

Facebook will advise you (in about 10,000 words) to add something like this to your page:

However, all you need is the unique 'Pixel ID' (circled in red above) - paste that into the 'Facebook Pixel box':

Save, and we'll generate the necessary code. You should start seeing events immediately. We'll also set unique IDs, order values and so on so you can see if your ads are making you money.


Another common example is Google Analytics. Since this measures traffice statics rather than ad conversions we put the 'tracker' on most of your public facing RiderHQ pages.

To enable this, just add your Google Analytics 'Tracking ID':

You should start seeing data in your Google Analytics account immediately (as soon as you have visitors):