Opt in mailing list

MAY 2018

Further to our details on GDPR and RiderHQ, some organisers are sending out 'please opt in to continue receiving our newsletter' - type messages.

This is not necessarily required under the GDPR:

"You do not need to automatically refresh all existing consents in preparation for the new law. But the GDPR sets the bar high for consent, so it’s important to check your processes and records to be sure existing consents meet the GDPR standard. If they do there is no need to obtain fresh consent.
Where you have an existing relationship with customers who have purchased goods or services from you it may not be necessary to obtain fresh consent."
Steve Wood, Deputy Commissioner for Policy, ICO (the ICO is the regulatory body who will enforce the GDPR in the UK)  Full text


However, if you do want to do this, for you entrants, members, and mailing list subscribers using RiderHQ, here's how:

First, in 'all emails' create a mailing list for opted-in people (contact us if you don't see the 'mailing lists' link on this screen)


Next, view the mailing list and copy the 'subscribe link' (recipients of your email will use this link to subscribe / opt in to your mailing list)

You can either send this out via your own email method (such as MailChimp etc.), or via a RiderHQ  email.

If you send it via RiderHQ you can 'personallise' the link so that the recipient can just click once on the link to 'opt in' without needing to create an account or log in (assuming they already have a RiderHQ account, which they will do if they have entered one of your events or joined your group).

Here's how to send the link through RiderHQ:

First create an email, then add the 'subscribe link' (copied from the mailing list screen in the previous step), using the 'insert link' button (see below)



Past the link as the 'Url' and put something encouraging in the text:

Now, this is important, if you want a one-click opt tick 'track emails' and 'personalise links' a the bottom of the emails screen

Finally, click 'continue' to add some recipients and then send the email.

Here's what someone clicking (who has an account on RiderHQ) sees:

And here's what you see on your mailing list page: