Upload results

APR 2019

We've improved our results uploader, so you can now upload your timing system results to RiderHQ with (optionally) position and time information.

We'll link it to your entrants' profiles. You can also generate a certificate which entrants can download.

To upload results, go to your Event Dashboard and choose Actions > Edit results

Click 'Upload CSV results' to upload results from a spreadsheet

Format your spreadsheet with the columns shown. All of the columns are optional but you must provide either a value for placing (finish position) or time (or both) for each result. You can download the sample spreadsheet to see what the data should look like.

If you include the 'unique ID' of an entrant, we can link their result to their entry and to their profile page / user account. If you include the entrant unique ID, there's no need to populate the name, as this will be taken from the entry details.

The unique ID is accessible by downloading a custom report or downloading all entrants from the event dashboard. The best option is to include this in the file you export to your timing system, so it is available in the results file that the timing system outputs.

Once you import the results we'll add results to your event page:

You can re-upload results at any point (for example, if you need to make corrections) which will overwrite any results previously uploaded.

Your entrants' profile pages will look something like this: