Mailchimp Sync

MAY 2019

As well as publishing members to MailChimp, you can now tell RiderHQ to keep your membership list in sync with a MailChimp list:

  • If new members join they will be added to your MailChimp list
  • If members expire or cancel their membership they will be unsubscribed from your MailChimp list
  • If members update their email address or name their details will be updated on your MailChimp list

To set your group to sync with MailChimp, go to your Group dashboard and select Group emails > MailChimp Sync:

Next, choose a list to which you want to sync and save.

You can edit the settings at any time, and the synchronising will take place each night (so if you add some members but then remove them immediately, they won't be published to MailChimp).