Discourse login

MAY 2019

Many clubs have a forum. Ideally, members should be able to log in to the forum using the same email and password as they use to log in to the membership site (RiderHQ). We've now added integration with Discourse (a kind of forum software) so that members can do this.

This set up is often referred to as SSO (Single Sign On) - when enabled:

  • Forum users must be members (if a membership expires or is cancelled, the member loses access to the forum)
  • In order to access the forum, members must log in with their membership ID (they are redirected to the RiderHQ login page if not already logged in)
  • If members change their email address or password this change happens automatically on the forum
  • When members first access the forum an account is created for them with their RiderHQ email and details

To set up Discourse integration, you must make some changes to your Discourse settings, and also to your RiderHQ settings. RiderHQ first:

Go to Group dashboard > Group setup > Main settings > Integrations:

Click 'edit Discourse integration':

Choose a passpharse for your 'SSO secret'. This should be at least 15 characters. You will need to paste the same value into the Discourse settings (see below) as well.

Now, in Discourse settings:

  • Tick 'enable sso'
  • Tick 'login required'
  • Set 'sso url' to the value on the RiderHQ Discourse Setup page
  • Set 'logout redirect' to the value on the RiderHQ Discourse Setup page
  • Set 'sso secret' to the value you entered on the RiderHQ Discourse Setup page

Save the settings, and when users access your Discourse forum they should be prompted to log in via RiderHQ first; or, if they are already logged in, the should pass straight through to the forum.

Let us know if you'd like to see integrations with any other forums.