Migrating Discourse Forum to RiderHQ

JUL 2019

If you use Discourse to host your forum, and switch to using RiderHQ to manage your membership, you might want to allow users to access the Discourse forum via their RiderHQ login.

You can set up Discourse to do this using the instructions here

However, when you migrate your existing club members over to RiderHQ you will also need to import their Discourse IDs ('external_id' in Discourse documents), so that when they log in for RiderHQ for the first time, they keep their existing Discourse account (with avatar, forum history and so on).

Once you've enabled Discourse (above) we'll add an extra column to the 'upload members' spreadsheet for your members' Discourse IDs. You can leave it blank if they don't have one or don't need to import it, but if they do - make sure it's populated when you import your existing members for the first time.

You can also edit the Discourse ID on the 'edit member' form:

Finally, you can download the complete listing of Discourse IDs for every member so you can check it's all correct (if you haven't manually uploaded / overridden the Discourse ID, we'll generate a new one for that member):