Volunteer vouchers

JUL 2019

Let's say you have a pool of volunteers who help at your events and in return you give them free entries to an event of their choice.

You can manage the free entries using the RiderHQ voucher system. Here's how.

First, create a new voucher which (all) the volunteers will use to enter. Set the expiry date to 'never', the number of entries to some large number and select all the events you want to offer volunteers entry to:

Now, click 'edit codes' and un-tick 'single voucher code' (each volunteeer should have a unique code that only works for them), then save.

Incidentally, if you want to allow volunteers more than one entry you'll need to add duplicate codes - for example if Volunteer A has been given the code FREEENTRYA, then by adding a second 'FREEENTRYA code, volunteer A will be able to enter twice using that code.

If you have a large number of codes (for example when you first set up the system) it might be simpler to just download to Excel, duplicate all the rows and re-upload to achieve this.

Once you have your codes you can issue them to your volunteers.

If a new volunteer arrives

Find the voucher, click 'edit codes' and use the 'Add another code' link to add a code for them (or use it twice to add 2 codes if you want to give them 2 entries)

If a volunteer leaves

Find their code and delete it

If you add a new event on RiderHQ and want your volunteers be able to enter it

Edit the voucher and add the event, then save

If you want to prevent volunteers entering an event

Edit the voucher, remove the event and save.

You can track code usage across all your events in the usual way.