Shop order notifications

OCT 2019

When someone orders an item from your shop you can receive a notification with details about the order.

Now you can control to whom the email is sent and how much information it contains.

Go to Shop Dashboard > Setup > Order notifications



Admins with shop access

All account admins who have permission to manage the shop

No notifications

Don't send an email to anywone when someone orders an item

Custom recipients

Enter one or more email addresses (up to 10) who will receive an order notification.

Now select what information to include on the emails

Item name and amount

Just the name of each item in the order, the amount paid and any delivery paid

Include stock control questions

Stock control questions are the questions on your purchase form which affect how many of an item you have in stock (such as Size, Colour or Type). You choose which these questions are, depending on the item (conversely questions like 'Delivery address' or 'name for personalisation' likely wouldn't be stock control questions).

If this is selected, we'll include the values for Size, Colour etc. for each order, but not the other questions.


In this case we'll provide all information entered by the customer onto the purchase form for each item.