How to approve an event as a regional co-ordinator

OCT 2019

Leagues using RiderHQ can divide the country up into regions and appoint a 'regional approver' for each region.

Once you have been added as a regional approver, you will have a link to the league on your RiderHQ homepage

Click on the link to see any events awaiting approval in your region:

When events are waiting they will look like this:

You can click on the events to look at the details (for example dates and HQ location) and also contact the organiser if you need to, for example to discuss the event or ask them to add more detail.

When you're ready, click 'Actions > Approve event' to approve it.

Once 'approved', an event:

  • Appears in the public calendar
  • Is open for entries (provided the event status is set to 'open' and other rules on when events open are met)

You should receive a notification via email whenever someone lists an event in your region, with a direct link to the event approvals page.