Compare YoY sales

NOV 2019

We've added a new report to make it quicker to compare 'year on year' (or any other period) sales.

This can help you plan promotions and track progress versus similar periods in previous seasons, even if they don't exactly align to the calendar (for example Easter this year compared to the Easter last year)

To view the report, go to the 'Customer data' section of RiderHQ

The new report is under Sales, called 'Entries by period'

Select the events you want to compare. If you run similar events each year you probably want to select this year's event in the Period 1 box and last year's event in the Period 2 box (but you could compare an event with itself in a different period... or whatever.

In fact, you can also select multiple events, but before we make the graph look like spaghetti, let's start with comparing two events:


Now select two 'periods'  - these can be any dates, but it's probably most useful to pick similar ranges for Period 1 and Period 2 (e.g. October this year vs. October last year).

The x axis shows the 'days since' the start of each period and the y axis either entries or revenue depending on what you have selected.

You can also download the data to a spreadsheet using the 'Download CSV' link at the bottom.