Tennis round robin tournaments and box leagues

DEC 2019

You can now create a round robin tennis tournament or league on RiderHQ, here's how:

From the account menu, choose 'Series / Tournaments, then 'New Tournament'


Select 'Tennis tournament' and whether it should be singles or doubles

This is the 'master' event you will use to gather entries for the tournament. If you want divisions  - groupings in which each entrant plays every other entrant within the same division - use the 'add entry type' to add several divisions.

You can either do this before people enter, in which case they will have the option to choose which division to enter; or you can do it once you have closed entries - in which case you can add new entry types (divisions) and move each entrant into the appropriate division.

You can either send out the URL for competitors to enter themselves, or you can add them yourself (or a mixture).

To set a 'closing date' for entries, go to Event setup > main settings > open /close

The 'end date' is used to set a 'tournament finish' date by which entrants should have played all their matches.

When you are ready to create the round robin matches, close entries (if they are not closed already)

Now, for each division choose 'Split into matches'

This will create a match between each entrant in each division.

You can now send out the link to view the tournament to entrants

When entrants play a match they should add their result (or let the tournament admin know so they can add the result). The result will be shown on the matches board, and the standings will alter. Players in the same division will also receive an email letting them know the result and the current standings.


Should you need to alter competitors, use the 'substitute someone else' function on the tournament master event. You can also add more competitors after the tournament has started. If you do this, run the 'split into matches' step again, which will generate matches for the new competitor(s) and add them to the matches board. Running this again won't affect any existing matches.