Membership expiry actions

DEC 2019

When a member expires (i.e. when their 'expiry day' is reached, assuming they don't renew), they are removed from the membership list.

(You can find them in the 'expired members' report and un-expire them later if you need to)

Now we've added options so you can choose what happens when someone's membership expires. Go to Club setup > main settings and select a membership type:


Remove from membership list

This is the default option and how RiderHQ has worked up to now: upon expiry, members are removed from the membership list and moved to the 'expired members' report.

 Do nothing

In this case members remain on the membership list, even though their expiry date is in the past. This might be useful if you want to manually expire / delete members.

Change membership type

This automatically alters the member's membership type to a different one (you can choose which from the dropdown). It will be as if they had just 'renewed' under the new membership type - so their new expiry date will be the day of expiry PLUS however long the default term of the new membership type is.

Once their membership is changed, they will be exactly like a normal member of the new membership type, and when their new expiry date is reached (if the new membership has an expiry date) the expiry action set up for the new membership type will apply.