Automated move between events

APR 2012

In addition to setting up an automatic refund policy you can now let entrants move their entry between your events, without your involvement:
If this is ticked entrants will see a link next to their entry like this:

Clicking 'move' takes them to a screen where they can choose the event to move to:
That's it, the entrant is immediately moved to the new event, if this opens a space in the main event and a waiting list is configured, their place will be offered to the next person on the list.

You can, of course, move an entrant between your events, using the same process whether or not the 'move' tickbox is selected - allowing entrants to do this for themselves is intended to:
  • reduce the admin burden on organisers
  • allow entrants to enter early with the confidence that if circumstances should change and they can't make the date, they won't miss out