Upload entrants

JUN 2012

If you need to add a number of entrants to your event entrylist and manually entering them one-by-one seems like a chore, you can now upload them in one go from a spreadsheet, here's how:

First click 'upload entrants' on your event page, choose a .csv file (you can create this in Excel or most spreadsheet programmes) which contains at least two columns, one with names, one with emails.  
You will be shown a preview of the uploaded data, click 'Import these entrants' to confirm.

That's it! - these will be added as entrants to your entry list, you can  now:

  • Include them as recipients in event emails
  • See them when you print your start sheets
  • Show them on the event page, and have them contribute to the total entry count
  • Export them along with your other downloaded entry details