Finsbury Park RR Photos and results

OCT 2011

Thanks to all the competitors in the 2011 Finsbury Park Road Race on 9th October, this was a typically tough event, run on the Whitwell course for the first time (previously we have used the Steeple/Maldon course). Our neutral service car changed something like 12 wheels and watched several riders fight their way back to the bunch.

Adam Cotterell wins, these pictures were all taken on the steepest part of the short hill 200m before the finish, it was steeper than it looks on film ;)

Flavio Zappi:

Paul Dring, in third position here, was unfortunately caught by the rabid pack behind, finishing 7th

The sprint for 3rd, won by Ed Ashby (front left?) who audibly punctured at this point, but made it 200 metres to the line

David Murrell and Daniel Crawley - the latter maintained this lead to the line

Gavin Morton, Alex Minting, Paul Ratcliffe, Robin Parker (barely visible)

Sprint for 18th, won by Ben Brown, black jersey on the left
1  Adam Cotterell  WyndyMilla - Maxifuel
2  Ed Ashby  private member
3  Stuart Pryce  Nottingham Clarion
4  Neil Beasley  Beeston RC
5  Peter Hargreaves  VC Norwich
6  Richard Prebble  Motorpoint Procycling
7  Paul Dring  Team Echelon-Rotor
8  Gavin Moore  Stowmarket & Distrcit CC
9  john peters  cc luton
10 Russell Ford  Glade CC
11 Daniel Crawley  PCH UK RT
12 David Murrell  London Phoenix
13 Wayne Crombie  East london Velo
14 Alex Minting  Neon Digital
15 Paul Ratcliffe  Victoria CC
16 Gavin Morton  Charlotteville CC
17 Robin Parker  East Grinstead CC
18 Ben Brown  CC Hackney
19 Nigel Hobday  Cambridge CC
20 Rob Yeatman  Team Jewson/Thule/Kensis/CNP/ MI
21 Gray Turnock  Finsbury Park CC
22 Philip Hargreaves  VC Norwich
23 Benjamin Knowles  London Phoenix
24 Ian Franklin  PCH UK RT
25 Robert Moore  London Phoenix
26 Mark Porter  Glade CC
27 Michael Rostoft  Chelmer CC