How to manage a league

OCT 2011

Suppose you run a series of events, and have a league or organisation which entrants must join or 'affiliate to' to enter. Once joined they can enter further events without having to join again. You might want to:
  • See who's a member of the league at a glance
  • Add members to the league (for example if they joined 'off-line')
  • Email all the current members

You could manage this all manually - for example by keeping a list of league members in a spreadsheet somewhere. You could then set two prices for your events: members and non-members, where the latter includes the league joining fee. Entrants choose which fee to pay, and you check against your spreadsheet to make sure they paid the right one, and collect it later if they didn't. Finally you update the spreadsheet each time someone joins, online or offline.

This would work, but the point of RiderHQ is to eliminate this kind of paperwork, so here is how we do it:

First, set up a RiderHQ 'group' for you league affiliates, and put in the joining fee (you can add different membership types, require manual 'approval' etc., if you need to later):
Next, list your event(s) (skip this if you've already listed them):
By the way, a quick way to list lots of events, is to list the first one, then click the 'List a new event like this' link in the top right of the event page - this will copy most of the details, so you only have to change the ones that are different (such as the start date). It even copies the payment details, if you're the organiser of the event you are copying.   

Once you have your events listed, go down to the entry list and click 'Restrict to group members' and select the group you created in step 1
That's it! Entrants will now be offered the chance to join your league the first time they enter one of your 'restricted' events. Once they've joined RiderHQ remembers that, and will not prompt them again - this is what entrants see:
Entrants simply fill in your group entry form (if you have one) followed by your event entry form, and pay for both in one go.

Meanwhile, from the group page, you can view group members, email them, update their details and so on. For example, you might assign each member a unique number, which stays with them throughout the series. You can also add members manually (for example if they paid in person, on the day).